Compression is recognized as the gold standard for management of edema with venous leg ulcers. Chronic wound exudate negatively impacts patient comfort, periwound and healing rates.

Here we summarize the compression sleeve case study poster by Suzie Ehmann titled Bridging the gap between compression and exudate management in lower extremity wounds.

Compression sleeve case study

Suzie Ehmann from the Carolinas HealthCare System presents five patient cases with an intervention of new technology, Fuzzy Wale Compression (FWC) and Active Fluid Management (AFM). These show improved healing time with previous non-healing wounds.

“The combination of FWC and AFM also shows the ability to effectively manage wound moisture and impact the overall micro-circulatory environment of the wound bed itself,” concludes Ms. Ehmann’s poster.

The author, Ms. Ehmann, goes into the technology behind the product in depth and discusses how it maximizes venous and lymphatic return with compromising arterial inflow a main goal of compression.

“Unfortunately, during seven-day compression cycles, chronic wound exudate oftentimes leads to maceration of the periwound, degradation of healthy skin, patient discomfort and ultimately prolonged healing times.”

Results from in-vitro pressure mapping reveal a unique compression profile of which these cases resulted in a healthy peri-wound skin and short time for wound closure.

For further detail in how the EdemaWear technology works and discussion click the download link below for the author’s poster. You may find it helpful to share with your colleagues.

2018 CAET National Conference

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The exciting agenda provides basic and advanced compression workshops on the final day. Be sure to register. This is a historic event as the organization changes its name to Nurses Specialized in Wound, Ostomy & Continence (NSWOC) to promote the actual responsibility of these truly talented nurses. Congratulations.