Patients often complain that compression stockinets are uncomfortably hot

Choosing the correct stockinet size is the most important factor in determining the effectiveness and comfort of EdemaWear.

"As a lymphedema therapist, it is important to diagnose and treat lymphedema as quickly as possible in an effort to reduce its progression to a more advanced stage.  I have had the privilege of treating clients with acute and chronic swelling over the past two decades and recently discovered edema wear when a nursing colleague recommended it. I love using this product on my clients as it is comfortable for them to wear as well as affordable and cost-effective. It’s especially helpful to use in the reduction phase of treatment while clients are awaiting their fitting of day and night time garments. Edema wear supports the International Guidelines for management of lymphedema in allowing 23 hours of compression.  In addition to this, Michael Quart is super knowledgeable and helpful in answering my questions and goes above and beyond to assist practitioners in the treatment of lymphedema."

Louise Haley, PT, RN, CAFCI, CLT | Breast Rehab, Ottawa, Ontario

"EdemaWear is a practical means of compression that increases adherence in patients"

Afsaneh Alavi, MD, MSc, FRCPC | York Dermatology Centre, Richmond Hill, Ontario

"I have been wearing EdemaWear compression sockinets for 2 years. They are so effective, they have completely stopped many years of swollen legs. Perhaps the best part is they are so easy on & off, makes normal compression socks feel like a round with a pro wrestler. Great price, fantastic product."

Jim Malcolm | Patient, Port Rowan, Ontario

"EdemaWear has made all the difference in the world for my mother. Her legs were swollen and she felt housebound. The best thing that happened was that her therapist introduced her to EdemaWear. She is now becoming mobile. She is able to wear her slippers and is beginning to wear shoes again."

Lucy Bartolini, daughter of the patient, Hamilton, Ontario,

“I have limited flexibility in my feet and have never been able to get compression socks on in the past. Open-toed EdemaWear is the first product my caregivers have been able to use that is comfortable for me and also has made a big difference to my edema”

Luke Melchior | Patient, Victoria, BC