Quart Medical brings quality wound care products to patients in Canada supported by education for the wound care practitioner and patient.

Michael Quart has been one of the pioneers in the Canadian healthcare market for 30 years. He was one of the founder members of Wounds Canada. Michael has worked with all the major wound care experts across Canada with a variety of wound care dressings and pressure redistribution mattresses.

Quart Medical brings new technologies to medicine.

“I was introduced to the EdemaWear product (or manufacturer of it) by wound care experts that I respect. In turn, they were drawn to it because of the novel approach and high patient acceptance”, says Michael Quart.


As a member of the vascular surgery research group at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Dr Martin Winkler recognized the struggle of healing refractory venous leg ulcers with existing products.

EdemaWear was the resultant product, employing a fuzzy wale elastic compression textile innovation, akin to the huge speed advantage of having less rubber meeting the road on a bicycle tire.

The manufacturer, Compression Dynamics is still led by Dr Winkler, some 10 years later and has now produced more than 400,000 stockinets to help patients with swollen limbs.