Quart Medical is delighted to announce a partnership with Best Buy Medical Supplies through its Pharmacy2Home website that makes EdemeaWear available online across Canada.


Customers have often remarked that EdemaWear has not been available to them locally or that our shipping costs were disproportionally high. We had used Canada Post business rates, yet the costs of these no longer met customers’ expectations in cost or speed of delivery.

Accessibility to EdemaWear in a timely fashion is crucial to patients with edema. The partnership with Best Buy Medical Supplies will now ensure that users of the compression stockinets can now access them much more rapidly.

“We are pleased to work with Quart Medical to bring EdemaWear to more than 7,000 pharmacies across Canada,” says Steven Bean, Vice President Sales Long-term Care & Alternate Care, Best Buy Medical Supplies. “Pharmacy2Home offers a convenient online service for Canadians looking for Home Healthcare Products. Not only are customers able to easily shop for their medical products online, but products are also shipped discreetly to the customer’s home and community pharmacies all across Canada benefit from a portion of all sales.”

There are six sizes of EdemaWear. Small and medium and by far the most common. Sizing is critical and based on the measurement of the limb circumference. There are also two sizes of EdemaWear LITE designed for tender skin with a lower level of compression. Details of the six EdemaWear products are shown here.